The Ancient Origins of Granite and How It Made Its Way To Your Kitchen

Stone has been used to build things for thousands of years. The most common use of stone is in the form of walls, particularly those made to house homes. But while many people know that natural stones like marble can be found worldwide, they may not know that several other types of granite can also be found in abundance here in the West. Granite has a long and storied history that predates human civilization itself. And it is one of the fascinating aspects of this history: While granites are plentiful on Earth, they aren’t native to any particular place or region; instead, they have been transported over great distances by natural forces for thousands of years in search of new places to settle and create communities.

The Egyptians Used Common Tools to Bore Holes in Granite for Mortar

The Egyptians in ancient times used standard tools to bore holes in granite to use it as a building material. At some point, they discovered that granite was much more durable and resistant to decay than other types of stone. Therefore, they started importing granite from different places and using it to build their homes and temples. Ancient Egypt, where archaeologists have uncovered stone tools from at least 5000 BC that were used to make holes in granite. These holes were probably used for various purposes, including lining tombs with granite to preserve the bodies inside.

A Famous Unfinished Obelisk Was Carved from Granite

The obelisk is a type of building that is typically made from granite. These structures are distinguished by their slender, tapering shape and are often topped with a pyramid or cone. The Ancient Egyptians had a knack for building massive stone structures. And in the middle of their empire, they began constructing an enormous pyramid nearly 100 feet high. However, it was never completed. Why? Because the workers ran out of granite to work with, they could not complete their masterpiece. The unfinished obelisk remained as a monument without an end until an earthquake in AD 749 destroyed it.

A Compelling Argument for Lost High Technology in Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians were so skilled at building and using granite that it is easy to overlook that much of what they created was made from stone. But there are several examples of this, such as a statue of Osiris, one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt. The figure was made from granite and is believed to be 3,000 years old. And while there are no written records to verify this claim, it is a compelling argument for the existence of lost high technology in ancient Egypt.

The Romans Used Granite to Construct Buildings

The Romans were a highly advanced civilization that had mastered many different techniques and skills. One of these skills was the construction of buildings, which they did use granite. They could do this because they had learned the method of moving rocks with levers, an advanced form of rock mining.

How Granite Made its Way From these Ancient Origins to Your Kitchen

We did not see the use of granite in countertops until the late 80’s. It was available in just about two colors though, which is a huge contrast to the amount of variation in color and design options we see in granite countertops today. One thing is for certain, the use of the material Granite for countertops came about because people recognized its strong and resilient nature! We hope that after reading this article you have learned more about how granite was used in ancient times to build really cool structures, and making it apparent to see why it is a wonderful material for modern day use!