Granite Not Just For Countertops Anymore!

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Granite is a naturally beautiful and incredibly durable stone. While it’s most commonly used for countertops, flooring, and showers, granite can be used in many areas of the home and garden to create statement pieces and completely unique design elements, and granite care is fairly simple if performed properly.

Granite is such a versatile material to work with designers are finding new ways of using the material to enhance your home or office. One of the biggest trends in home design is a Granite entryway either used as a door frame or the entryway floors both inside and outside of the home. This simple application makes a big impact and increases the overall value of your home.

Beautiful to look at and extremely durable, many estate home designers are incorporating granite framing into room entryways with in the home itself. If you have an idea of a unique application of a granite product contact Best Granite For Less and we can help you realize your dreams.


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Not only are entryways being adorned with the beauty of granite but also window sills, tabletops, shelves, tabletop decorations, garden edging, walkways, sink, fireplaces and more. Here are 7 useful way to incorporate granite in your new home or remodeling projects.

Granite remnants are easy to install for very little cost. Choose long, thin pieces of beautiful granite and mount them to the wall for instant sophisticated storage space that coordinates with your bathroom or living room.

Whether you’re breathing fresh life into outdated or damaged furniture or you want to add a pop of color to your favorite coffee table or end table, granite is the way to do it. Choose a piece of granite that matches the size of the surface of your table for an updated look and conversation piece.

Fill your favorite tray, bowl, or vase with small granite chips for an incredibly beautiful tabletop decoration or centerpiece. Granite is great for setting off candles in a display, but it can also be used as a serving tray with appetizers. Make sure you lay down felt underneath your tray or bowl first so the hard granite doesn’t scratch the glass or wood.

There is no better way to set off the beauty of your garden than by using natural materials like wood and stone. Instead of buying boring stone pavers, use granite remnants to edge your garden or driveway. The striking color and veining of the stone will set off the brilliant blooms and foliage of your garden and keep it tidy.

Cobblestone walkways and driveways have been popular for centuries, but they can be costly. If you have access to a large amount of scrap granite it’s possible to cut it into uniform pavers for a completely unique cobblestone-styled walkway, patio, or even a driveway.

Forget about porcelain, stainless steel, and glass. The trendiest new material for sinks is granite. Granite sinks are made from granite dust and resin molded into a sink for an eye-catching sink design that’s heat resistant, scratch resistant, and durable. They come in many colors and styles, including traditional drop-in kitchen and bathroom sinks and even apron-front farmhouse sinks.

Natural stone is a clear winner for a fireplace, especially if your existing fireplace is outdated or plain. Granite tile or slabs can be installed over the existing face and mantel of your fireplace for an instant facelift. Black granite in particular is a good choice for reflecting the light of a fire. Accents are being used all around the property to bring the style, quality and overall design look and feel to the home or office. So when you are looking for the most reasonable granite fabricator without sacrificing quality of material and installation you can’t go wrong with Best Granite For Less.

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