Countertop Material – What do I get?

Be aware when contracting for your kitchen remodel.

A few things to consider…

A few things to consider when you select your Granite or Quartz Countertop slab material and the Fabricator under contract. In the industry there are a few ways to purchase your granite slab countertop, by the square foot, by purchasing the entire slab or using a remnant from a previous job. All of these purchase option have consequences.  

Some fabricators will charge you the entire slab and you pay for the whole piece regardless of whether or not you use it all. Most of the granite material will be used in the fabrication process but some may be left over and kept by the fabricator after the project is completed. If you ask them for it they should provide you the remnants from the slab. These remnants are sometimes retained by the contractor to be resold. Why would you want to retain the remnants? Maybe to help you match material for future expansion purposes. Maybe you would like a cutting board or a lazy Suzan made out of it? If they do not provide you with the remnants they will retain them and resell them for another project. Be aware, the retention of the remnants needs to be disclosed at the beginning of the project by the fabricator. If you want to retain them the contractor may require you to ask for them at the beginning before contracting for the project. Always ask questions and get all of the installation information prior to contracting.

Jimmy B.
Boca Raton, Florida

“My fabricator told me the CNC machine cuts holes into the slab where the sink is installed so what is left over is pretty much like Swiss cheese …not really cutting board material. That being said… they were sketchy enough in the end that made me think this was a bit of a falsehood…”

Granite Countertop Cut To Your Specification

Best Granite For Less only charges for square foot of materials being used.

At Best Granite For Less we pride ourselves on integrity and transparency of the fabrication and materials use processes. Our policy is to only charge for the square foot of materials being used. If there are any remnants available after the fabrication we offer these as cutting boards or cheese boards at no additional charge. If you would like to have the remnants we are happy to supply them at the end of the project for your personal use. By doing business this way we have your best interests at heart. We save you money by not charging you for materials not used in your countertop installation. This is how we maintain the highest level of customer service in the industry and have repeat business with past customers for years to come as well as a strong referral business through word-of-mouth.

Jennifer M.
West Palm Beach Florida

“The team at Best Granite For Less helped us pick out our slab and match it to our kitchen design before we paid for anything. Then after our remodel was completed they presented us with a beautiful cutting board made from the sink cutout as a gift. They also offered the rest of the leftover remnants. I did not take them but thanks for asking! Great job!” So when you are looking for the most reasonable countertop fabricator without sacrificing quality of material and installation you can’t go wrong with Best Granite For Less. And remember, every new countertop order in 2020 comes with a FREE kitchen sink.

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