Safe Remodeling 2020

2020 Granite Kitchen Countertops and Bathroom installations during the pandemic

What to do?

The Coronavirus pandemic is devastating the building and construction industry. It’s got us all in a tailspin. Now South Florida has gotten hit hard. We understand the shutdown here and sympathize with all affected by this pandemic. Here at Best Granite For Less, we are doing our due diligence when it comes to servicing our clients. We take every precaution to ensure our valued customers and employees are safe. When installing kitchen and bathroom countertops we maintain the highest level of cleanliness and make sure to disinfect all surfaces and installations before, during and after. We also are concerned about the safety of our employees so we all maintain social distancing and wear protective face masks at all times during production, installation and working with clients.

Calcutta Classic 2
Granite Countertop Completed Installation during Coronavirus

How does this affect the Granite construction and installation industry?

The granite production quarries have also been hit hard by the slowdown of the world economy. But be rest assured that we have stock available in our warehouse to service all accounts for months. So you will be able to get that exact design and color combination of granite you desire. We also maintain close relationships with our granite suppliers, architects, engineers and production teams. This allows us to forecast supply and demand and continue to offer the best granite solutions at the most reasonable prices available.

There has been a definite slowdown in the local construction industry. People are afraid to order countertops even though they will not be scheduled for installation for 6-8 weeks when it’s much warmer and hopefully our state will be coming back to life. This reaction is expected but surprisingly we are seeing a small growth of another type of customer springing up! Homeowners who have had to cancel a trip or now plan to stay longer in their Florida homes to avoid getting sick when they usually move north for the summer. Many of those people are thinking about remodeling, sprucing up their biggest investment with a new kitchen or bathroom! It’s been a great time for remodeling projects since homeowners can take advantage of the additional time to focus on quality Granite installation services provided by Best Granite For Less. This is also important because fixing up our homes is a great stress reliever. Our team of experts work directly with your architect or engineers when planning and designing your new Granite Countertop installations.

In response to COVID-19, we have implemented wide-reaching safety measures to proactively keep our employees, their teams, their families, our business partners, our customers and our communities safe while navigating through the evolution of the Coronavirus. We have an amazing safety culture, in fact it is one of our core values. As a leading granite countertop manufacturer for over 20 years, safety has been deeply ingrained in our DNA. Wearing PPE (personal protective equipment), adhering to strict safety protocols, and actively keeping ourselves and others safe is what we do. COVID-19 brings new complexity to our work environment, and our safety culture drives us to continue delivering essential infrastructure for our customers safely. So please be assured that we can safely install your new Granite outdoor or indoor kitchen and bath counters without any risk to you or your family members.

Ron at Best Granite For Less in Deerfield Beach Florida is committed to providing the best customer service in the industry and is offering customers who order Granite Countertops a brand new sink at no additional cost. It’s the least we can do to help out those homeowners forging ahead while remodeling their kitchens or baths at this time. We will continue that offer a new sink with every Granite Countertop order until June when we believe there may be extreme growth in our industry and it will be back to being busy with business as usual. We hope that you all are healthy and safe and are caring for those most in need. Be rest assured Best Granite For Less is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services during these challenging times.

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