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Polishing Tips that are Sure to Shinefor Bathroom Countertop Installations in Delray Beach

Many people seek out granite countertops to add a touch of luxury to their kitchen. However, once they get a glimpse of their new shiny counters, they are often left wondering how best to maintain them over time. In this article, we will learn a few granite polishing tips for polishing off your counters and keeping them looking as good as new.

Keeping Granite Countertops Looking Good

  1. Invest in the tools—The first thing you will want to do is get a granite countertop polishing kit. This is a worthwhile investment and will help keep your counters looking great for years to come.
  2. Wash with soap and water—The first step in granite polishing is to clean your counters with warm water and soap. Then rinse them thoroughly with clean water until all the suds are gone, and the surface is nice and clean. Once you have done this, pat dry with a clean towel, ensuring no remaining traces of moisture on your granite surface.
  3. Begin polishing in small sections—Once you have dried your granite counters, the next step is polishing. To begin with, always choose a soft cloth and make sure that it’s only going to be used on small sections of your granite countertops. You are going to need a good amount of pressure and a steady hand when using your granite cleaner. The key here is to work in small sections to not damage or remove the existing grain of your granite countertop.
  4. Finish with broad strokes—Once you have finished polishing in small sections, it’s time to polish in larger compartments. This is when you will want to use a large, soft pad and a lot of elbow grease to work your granite surface. You will need to make sure that your granite countertop is completely dry before moving on.
  5. Dry with a soft cloth—Once you have polished your entire granite countertop surface, it’s time to clean and dry your granite with a soft cloth. Once this is done, you can wash and dry your granite much more easily.

Granite Countertop Polishing Tips

  • Use a polishing kit—If possible, always use a polishing kit, as they will help avoid damage to your granite surface.
  • Avoid chemicals—Never use any chemicals on your granite countertop, as they will remove the vital coatings for their long-term integrity.
  • Dry them first—Always make sure that your granite countertops are completely dry before polishing them. If not, the moisture may cause additional scratches and add to the time of the polishing process.
  • Only use on granite—Never use your granite cleaner on any other surface than granite countertops. Granite cleaners are specially formulated to maintain granite surfaces, and they can damage other types of countertops such as quartz.
  • Keep them clean—If you want to ensure that you have clean and shiny granite countertops for the long term, make sure that you clean them with warm water and soap after every use. This ensures that your countertops always look their best.
  • Go soft—Always choose a soft cloth for polishing as opposed to a hard one. You may accidentally damage the grain of your granite if this is not done correctly.
  • Avoid acids—As with any other material, you should avoid acidic or alkaline materials when cleaning your granite countertops.
  • Use the right cloth—Make sure that you always use granite countertop polishing cloths rather than clothes used for other purposes. This will help to avoid scratching and damage to your granite surface.
  • Use a grout scrubber—If necessary, always use a grout scrubber, but only do so after your granite surface has dried thoroughly. Never use vinegar in combination with your grout brush, as it can damage the finish of your counters.

Bottom Line

Granite countertops are one of the best investments you can make for your home. With a little care and regular maintenance, your countertops will look just as good as the day they were installed for years to come!

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