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Why Granite Countertops in Vero Beach FL Are the Best Choice

Granite counter tops are the undisputed king in Vero Beach. From its beautiful colors and crystalline textures to its affordable pricing point, there are many reasons why Granite should be your number 1 choice for countertops.

Why Granite Countertops Are Preferred Over the Others

Granite is an affordable stone that can withstand high temperatures

Whereas high-end materials like marble can only withstand heat up to 170 degrees, marble can take temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees. This makes Granite the perfect material for kitchen countertops — its incredible heat resistance makes it a worthy investment for your kitchen.

Granite can be easily cared for and enjoyed for many years

There’s no special treatment needed with Granite; just some soap and water are all you need! You can rest assured that you’re making a long-term investment. Granite is the same as non-porous, which will last for years and years to come!

Granite has an unmatchable variety of colors, patterns, and textures

Granite comes in over 20 different colors and nearly infinite varieties, so you’re sure to find the perfect granite countertop for your home!

Granite has a timeless quality that will never change the style

Granite is timeless and has the appearance of a natural, uncut stone. That’s what’s so great about it! You can be sure that your kitchen will look beautiful for years to come.

Granite works well in any kitchen, not just modern ones

The granite looks excellent in any kitchen style, from traditional to modern — it only adds to the aesthetic appeal! Some homeowners often use Granite for their bathroom cabinets and even as a tabletop material!

The more you use your granite countertops, the better they look

Unlike other countertop materials, Granite gets darker and darker with age. It allows the surface to have an organic feel and to show a natural beauty that no other countertop material can rival.

It has excellent strength and durability

Granite is so robust as a countertop material that most homeowners don’t even think about it. That’s why Granite is usually the first choice for homeowners trying to find a kitchen countertop material.

Granite is designed to withstand high temperatures, cracking, and chipping

Granite can withstand high temperatures and even underwater temperatures as high as two hundred degrees Fahrenheit. That’s great for a kitchen countertop, which is generally exposed to high temperatures!

Considerations when purchasing a granite countertop

  1. Texture—When selecting a granite countertop, the most crucial consideration is the Granite’s texture. There are three essential textures: crush, natural and polished.
  2. Coloring—As mentioned in the previous section, granites come in many different colors and patterns. You can also request a specific color if that color suits your kitchen better.
  3. Finish—Many different finishes can be put on Granite, such as hollow, honed, and sandblasted.
  4. Overall strength—A critical factor in a granite countertop’s longevity is the overall strength of the stone, especially when temperatures get higher. There are rarely any heat resistant coatings applied to Granite because its natural strength prevents it from cracking or chipping when subjected to high temperatures.
  5. Reactivity—Unlike marble, limestone, and other stone countertops, Granite is not reactive.
  6. Availability—Granite is often hard to obtain, as there are only a limited number of stone quarries capable of producing Granite.
  7. Durability—Due to its natural strength, Granite is more complex and durable than other countertop materials, such as marble, quartz, and soapstone.

Bottom Line

Granite is a beautiful and elegant material perfect for your home, from its intricate veining to its overall strength and low maintenance requirements. Granite is sure to make your kitchen look both luxurious and elegant while also raising the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

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