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Things To Think About When Choosing Granite for Your Countertops

Granite has become very popular due to its durability and efficiency. Granite is a natural stone and easy to clean. In addition, homeowners install it because it is beautiful, making the kitchen or bathroom more colorful. More construction specialists and designers are recommending granite to homeowners.

There are many types of granite to choose from when finishing your countertops. Therefore you need to think about the following factors before deciding.

Your Taste and Preference

Your taste is where you start from when buying anything. If you want to feel proud of your décor/ design choices and overall home, then you should pay close attention to the types of finishes and appliances you include in your home. Do you prefer to have bright or dark colors? Do you prefer a detailed countertop or a simple one? Which granite vein style best matches your style? These are some of the few questions that can guide you to your taste and preference when selecting granite for your homes countertops.


The color of the granite should match or go well with the cabinets and the entire kitchen. The colors should be in harmony to ensure the look is maintained. When shopping, take some sample colors of your cabinets and flooring to be more accurate. Also, consider the lighting of the room when choosing the granite color.


There are three finishes to choose from polished, leather, or honed. A polished granite finish is shiny, smooth, and less porous. A leather finish produces a leather texture, while a honed finish produces a matte-like finish. Know your desire and choose what blends the entire room look.


Granite countertops have two varying thicknesses. The 2cm or the 3 cm. the 3cm is heavier and more durable but more expensive than the 2cm. If you decide to install the thinner one, you will need to support the edges and overhangs.


Due to its natural formation, granite has different patterns. Some may have shimmering flecks, two-toned veining, or have multi-colors. Before deciding which to take, find granite that suits your home and personality best.

Room Size

Small kitchens are usually associated with bright granite colors because it makes the room look bigger. Light colors reflect more light than dark colors bringing in the illusion of a bigger space. For a bigger room, you have a variety of dark colors to choose from, especially the matte black granite.


There are different edges, including the beveled edges, chiseled, rolled, bull-nosed edges, and the recently introduced waterfall edge. Know what you want because edges can be customized to suit your preference or home design.

Sink type

There are two types of sinks that you can install: the top mount or drop-in sink and the under-mount sink. Your choice of sink will influence the type of granite to choose. It is good to consult a professional when you are purchasing it.

The Verdict is In

Granite countertops are the best to install in your home. There are many options to choose from. Choosing from a wide range can be difficult, but remember that every home has its right granite match. Get to know every inch of your home. Do your research and consult a professional in the field before making your decision and buying the granite.

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